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Wedding Policy


Thank you for choosing Bundle of Blooms for your wedding flowers. It is our desire that your special event be as beautiful and memorable as possible. We will work closely with you to have everything exactly as you wish. We have found that it is helpful for all concerned to have a clear understanding of our policies.

1. Bundle of Blooms has a $1000 minimum spend policy before tax and delivery/set up/tear down fee. No tax exempt on all flower orders. The minimum spend on wedding flowers cannot be combined with DIY flower order. Client can order flowers to DIY separately.

2. Wedding flower orders under $2500 require a $100 non-refundable deposit and orders over $2500 require a $500 non-refunable deposit to secure the wedding date. Final payment is due three weeks prior to wedding date. Cash or E-Transfer (EMT) are accepted forms of payment.

3. The client agrees that the items in their flower order represent products and services that are desired for purchase and delivery for the wedding on the date indicated on the flower order. No other products and/or services will be provided upon delivery.


4. The client understands that this is a custom order. In the event the flower order is canceled for any reason, Bundle of Blooms reserves the right to withhold any payments made to cover items that were specifically ordered for the wedding. If the event is canceled within three weeks of the wedding date, no refunds will be given.


5. Bundle of Blooms will deliver all itemized products documented in the flower order to the location(s) at a time to be agreed upon by the client and Bundle of Blooms. It is the responsibility of the client to have someone available to meet Bundle of Blooms at the time of delivery for flower instructions, storage location, and/or set up instructions, if applicable.


6. Bundle of Blooms will deliver flowers to the event at the pre-determined time and will proceed in placing any decorations in their specified locations. However, in the event that the venue is not fully prepared, Bundle of Blooms has the right not to remain on the premises. Floral decorations will be left and instructions will be given to the wedding event coordinator or any other designated person delegated by the client.


7. After the event, it is the responsibility of the client to have any flowers and decorations removed from any venue if tear down service is not requested.


8. In case there are rental items from Bundle of Blooms, a tear down fee will apply and Bundle of Blooms will return to the venue(s) at a time to be agreed upon by the client and Bundle of Blooms to collect them back. Once the setup is completed by Bundle of Blooms, all rentals brought in and set up will be under client’s liability. All damage and or missing property will be charged at full replacement cost.


9. Bundle of Blooms cannot guarantee prolonged freshness of flowers used as ceremony or reception decorations at outdoor venues during hot summer temperatures. 


10. The client has the right to make any minor changes with the consent of Bundle of Blooms.


11. Bundle of Blooms reserves the right to use photos and images of the client, the wedding flowers and other ceremony decorations for the profile and other means of marketing and advertisement. 


12. The client understands that flower colours can vary from flower to flower and accept that some variation in colour is a natural phenomenon in nature, therefore in many cases Bundle of Blooms cannot guarantee exact matches of colour and cannot be held liable for variations in colour that are not an exact match to other wedding items (dresses, ribbons, etc)


13. Bundle of Blooms reserves the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your wedding. In this event, the integrity of the proposed colour scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used. You will be notified of any adjustments.


14. Items provided by client (vases, ribbon, etc) must be brought to Bundle of Blooms no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date and in usable condition ... clean, polished, price tags removed, etc.


15. If final payment is not made before the three week deadline, a service charge of 20% of the entire wedding balance will be assessed. Floral products are not ordered until the balance is paid in full. We price the wedding initially based on pre-booked flower prices. If the deadline is not met, we must order flowers at higher market prices, which in turn raises your cost.

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