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Design Your Own Gorgeous Floral  Arrangement

Purchase competitively priced fresh flowers from us and do it yourself
purchase Flowers and Do-it-yourself

Bundle of Blooms understands the best reasons to make your own flower arrangements.  That's why we help our customer to order bulk flowers from our fine suppliers.  


DIY not only will save you money, but also give you total creative control of the outcome of your arrangements.  If you have families and friends that you want to bond with, it will be wonderful to connect and create beautiful arrangements together.  Turn it into a fun party and make it memorable. Everyone can share inspirations and knowledges to achieve one common goal.  At the end, you will have unique arrangements and an unforgettable time together.

If you have a wedding or an event such as birthday, retirement party, baby shower or bridal shower coming up, feel free to contact us for the flowers you need.  We offer reasonable priced bulk flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, carnations, baby's breath, lilies, chrysanthemum and greenery, etc.  There are just too many varieties to list and so many colour choices.  We can always give you advice on the selection.  We also do our best to select the freshest flowers and best colour choice for your occasion.

Please place your order 2 weeks in advance.  We also suggest to have the order pick up or deliver 2 days prior to the event.   Immediate care to the flowers is needed upon arrival at home or delivery address because flowers are perishable items.

A small processing fee of $35 will apply to your bill.  Please contact if you have any question.


Thank you and have fun with DIY.


Some popular wedding flowers

* Garden rose

* Ranunculus 

* Dahlia 

* Peony 

* Anemone

* Rose

* Hydrangea

* Calla Lily

* Orchid

* Carnation

* Baby's Breath

* Daisy

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